The Simple Joys of Pasties

I recently ordered 4 homemade pasties from a place called Pasty Central. After days of impatiently waited, they have finally arrived. It is truly amazing how much comfort such a simple thing can bring to one so far away from home. Within the delicious aroma and golden, flaky crust of that pasty lies countless memories of my home. The evenings spend gathered around Gramma E’s warm and friendly kitchen; elbow-to-elbow digging into one of her homemade pieces of Heaven. The air thick with the aroma of wonderful food, and great company. There are so many conversations going on at once around the table that an outsider would probably find it impossible to follow any one of them. So much laughter and joy surrounding us. The pasty, to me, represents my family and the generations before us. So much has been shared at those meals, so many amazing memories made. I can only hope that I will one day be able to share in creating such unforgettable and comforting memories with my children one day.

*pEACE, lOVE, & mUSIC*

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