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You heard me…RUN! It’s the only way to save yourself!

Now that I have your attention, I’ll go ahead and get to the point. You see, my siblings, friends, and myself  are quite into zombies at the moment. Many of us are hooked on the hit AMC television series, The Walking Dead. This show follows a group of survivors as they try to, well, continue to survive in a post-zombie apocalyptic world.

We have a lot of fun with this show. My sister and I discuss what we would do if we were in that situation, and we have regular Skype chats to update our survival plans. Obviously, it’s mostly all in fun, but…What if our current obsession with zombies could help us…get healthier?

It all started for me with the movie Zombieland. Jesse Eisenberg plays a rather paranoid young person in a world that–you guessed it–has been infected with the dreaded zombie virus. Throughout the movie we are given “The Rules of Zombieland.” Rule #1 is indeed…CARDIO. This of course makes perfect sense. Zombies aren’t the fastest things in the world, but they can get around. How can you expect to survive the zombie apocalypse if you can’t run for beans?

And then…It happened. I stumbled across one of the newest, and most highly rated, iPod apps. It is very properly entitled “Zombies, Run!” In the app, you’re given 20 minute running missions to complete. As you run (to your own music) you collect vital items for the compound you’re staying at. With a little imagination, this app is completely amazing. It even comes complete with zombie chase sequences. You’re ears are filled with the moaning, groaning, and shuffling of the dreaded zombies. Now if that can’t get you to high-tail it back to base, I don’t know what will!

A few weeks after my discovery of the “Zombies, Run!” app, I found something EVEN BETTER. Yes, BETTER (didn’t think that was possible, did you?): The RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! 5k zombie obstacle course event. This isn’t just any old 5k marathon. It’s filled with intense, winding trials and man-made obstacles that you must navigate WHILE being chased by zombies.

So, this is how I am going to utilize my love of all these lovely zombie things to actually get healthier. I shall use the “Zombies, Run!” app to begin my training. I will, of course, be adding other things (my goals I posted earlier, etc.) to further my training. My ultimate goal is to run–and complete–the 5k zombie course on October 22, 2012 in California with my sister.

Now, it is not 100% that my sister is doing the marathon, or that I will be able to do it. However, I think that it will serve as a GREAT motivator for me. I do NOT relish the idea of losing to a bunch of stumbling, mumbling zombies. How embarrassing would that be? Besides, I have 215 days left to save up enough money for the plane ticket, entrance fee, and camping/food fees (if we decide to stay overnight).

I would love to take this moment to invite you all to join me on this crazy zombie mission. Download the running app and check out: for more information on the 5k course. I think this is a great way to get fit and HAVE FUN. Best of luck to you!

*pEACE, lOVE, & mUSIC*


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Run For Your Lives- Zombie 5k Race Commerical

For those of you that are too lazy to click the link from my other blog post, here is a quick little commercial on the RFYL 5k zombie obstacle course to spike your interest!

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